Will's Dragon Ring

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Will's Dragon ring  in silver inspired by Will's Welsh Dragon tattoo. 😉

For this ring I used a vintage die for the welsh dragon top. Die struck pieces were the method for manunfacturing jewelry before casting was the most common solution. Long gone jewelry companies owned hundreds of different dies in every shape and theme.

I am happy to be preserving method that allows me to used recycled silver in the handmade fabrication of Will's dragon ring that mimics old techniques

  • handmade in Sterling silver
  • Ring measures 9/16" wide (15mm)  at the widest part
  • American sizes. If you need to measure, I carry a great ring sizer. 
  • Download ring sizing guide
  • 1.5mm faceted stone. (for alternatives, please contact me)

Will's Dragon ring is MADE to ORDER. Available to ship in 5-7 business days