Over the years, I've been incredibly honored to work on truly special commissions. Working closely with clients, one-on-one, to bring their projects to life is an absolute joy for me.

Let me share some heartwarming testimonials from happy jewelry owners who have found love and joy in their commissioned pieces.



"I wanted a meaningful, personal piece to represent my unique love story, and Viviane delivered. Right from the start, she was open and curious about what symbols and materials best expressed my and my loved one’s spirits. Then she took my inspiration to design something beautiful and one of a kind. So much more than I had imagined myself! My ring set is a showstopper and it gets noticed by so many people around me. I would work with Viviane again in a heartbeat.”

~ Annette, Canada

"I had such a nice experience working together with Viviane on a custom piece!
It began when I sent her a quick sketch of a ring that I had in mind. Viviane reached out to me super quickly and asked me about sizes and placements of the design, etc.
I live in Germany, and basically, every morning when I woke up, I had her response in my inbox. Discussing the piece was extremely easy!
Originally, I had one specific design in mind, but Viviane sent me images of three different versions of the design so that I could see all the possible options. I ended up liking her design a lot more. I used the finger sizer from Viviane's shop to measure my ring size. But I was still unsure if I had measured the size correctly. Viviane consulted me, and the ring ended up being the perfect size!
Apart from the beauty of the jewellery, Viviane's support was really the best aspect of working on a custom piece with her.

She truly brought my idea to life, and I highly recommend her craft!
~Lara, Germany

Viviane is a true master artist! I absolutely love how easy she is to work with. She knew exactly what I wanted and how to make it happen! I love my custom phoenix! It is a true treasure that I will cherish for years to come! 

~ Heather, MO

“Viviane has designed two beautiful custom pieces for me. The whole process was smooth, well communicated, and very attentive the entire way! The piece was so detailed and unique, just what I wanted! Highly recommend and will be back!”

~ Helen, UT

"It was an absolute pleasure working with Viviane on my custom ring piece (mermaid tail with sapphires and Pearl), we had great collaborative contact over how we could make my piece into the vision in my head, Viviane exceeded my vision with lovely ideas and touches to make it even more personal - the sapphires were colour matched to my engagement ring. 

In a world of throw away fashion, not many things hold sentimental value anymore - I will treasure this item for the rest of my future and I cannot wait to pass onto my daughter with the lovely story behind the design and craftsmanship. Viviane's talent is one of a dying breed and I loved working with a craftsman on my precious items and had full trust in her to show it the respect and care that I would myself.

The price was fantastic also (not that you can put a price on something so sentimental) and I have spoken about and recommended Viviane to family and friends. The fact that I live in the England, I would use Viviane for all future commission work and cannot wait to discuss with her my next pieces for mark future special occasions! "

~Paola, England

"I have been buying Shadow Hunter jewelry from Viv for well over a decade now, so when I wanted custom jewelry for my daughter I knew whom I trusted to get it right. Emma is a huge Sailor Moon fan, so I commissioned the Neptune and Uranus symbols as earrings. They were PERFECT!! I can always count on Viv to make Christmas bright!”
~Barbara, NY

wisteria tree necklace chalcedony dragon ring

“Where do I start? I happened upon Hebel Design because I love Shadowhunters, but then bought themed and non-themed pieces, after my first purchase!  One of my custom pieces was to mimic a wisteria tree branch in honor of the anime Demon Slayer. It turned out beautifully and she worked with me through the process to produce what I had envisioned!  Another piece was the dragon signet ring, I love this piece because it is so weighty, it feels so solid, and she even allowed me to choose which stone I felt called out to me. It is absolutely gorgeous.  All I can say is Viviane really knows how to make beautiful, thoughtful and amazing jewelry! I can’t thank her enough!”

~ Karen, Hawaii

If you would ike to talk about a special jewelry piece, don't hesitate to contact me! Let's make a meaningful piece together.