Artisan handcrafted jewelry with story

There is a magical essence in the jewelry we choose to wear. Each piece uniquely represents us and reminds us of what we love. These are not simple adornments; we make a connection with them. We treasure our talismans. We hope that they become heirlooms for our future generations. 

I work from my home studio in Southern California and I proudly take care of every aspect of Hebel Design. From customer service and journey to fabrication, packaging and shipping.  When you purchase from the store you are supporting a very small, independent artist. 

What are customers saying

Eat That Tail

I’ve been looking for an ouroboros ring for a long while and I’m happy to finally have found one that isn’t too dainty ir too huge. It is the perfect size to be comfortable and fashionable. Very much love all the details that t...


I love them! They look amazing together, and I love that I can arrange them as I please! They came in much faster than I expected, which was great, and the quality is awesome! I look forward to my next shopping spree here!


I love it, which I am not surprised about at all! I am always happy with the rings I buy from This ring is a simple yet elegant ring and its beautiful, I recommend and would buy it again whether it's for me or because someone else I know fell in love with it.