Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to questions you may have:

Q. Who is Hebel Design. How many people work here?

A: Hi! I am Viviane, only working soul at Hebel Design. Me and my tools! I produce, answer emails, prepare shipping, manage my social media, etc. 

Q. Are your pieces handmade? 

A: Yes! Everything you see in the store has been handmade. I have different tools that make my work easier, but it is me behind every piece. Shadowhunters Replica pieces are mass produced in Pewter to offer a more affordable version of it's original piece, but be assured it's original model was handmade by me. 

Q. Are your Shadowhunters pieces official?

A: Yes. I consult all book related pieces with Cassie and she approves everything. I have some pieces that are only character inspiration, like Cordelia and Lucie's earrings or Nephilim Wings. Those are just my design, not particularly mentioned in the books. 

Q. What metals do you work with? 

A: Mostly Sterling silver, but I like to combine Brass and Copper. I have fascination with the color combination. I also work in gold!

Q.  How long does it take for orders to ship?

A: Generally 5-7 business days. Custom orders may take up to 2-3 weeks depending on the design.

 As I mentioned, everything is MADE TO ORDER. Even if it says available on the website, it means I have the pieces to work with but I don't keep anything ready to ship unless the product page specifically says so. This applies to REPLICA pieces and one of a kind - Ready-to-Ship items.  Those ship in 1-3 days unless combined with made to order pieces. 

Q. Can I get expedited shipping? 

A: Yes, I offer different shipping methods that include USPS Express, UPS and DHL. However, FAST SHIPPING DOES NOT mean faster processing time for made to order pieces. If you have a particular deadline, please contact me first to see if I can accommodate it. 

Q. Do you provide tracking information?

Yes, once the piece is ready to ship, you will receive an email confirmation with tracking. Please check your inbox for the corresponding email account you placed the order with. Emails ALWAYS go out automatically, so if you haven't received it within the estimated processing time, please check your junk folder or other email inboxes your might have placed the order with. Accounts are mandatory right now, so you are welcome to log in to check order status. 
For INTERNATIONAL customers: some countries don't have a system that aligns with USPS tracking ID's so tracking might stop once it reaches your country. I can't reach tracking information once that happens. Packages transfer to your local postal service. USPS Express, UPS and DHL provide tracking all the way. 

This is the list of countries that have full tracking service with USPS. If your country is not in this list, you may still get USPS shipping service but know you will may not have full tracking access. Hebel Design will not be responsible for losses or delay in the mail for packages within these countries using First Class International Service

Countries Accepting Electronic USPS Delivery Confirmation International Service (E-USPS DELCON INTL)










Georgia, Republic of



Hong Kong











New Zealand







United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland


Q.  Do you charge for taxes?

A: Tax is only collected for California residents.

Q. Do you pay for international customs fees and taxes? 

A: No, those are your responsibility. Please check your country's regulations for imported products. You only pay for the product and your choice of mail carrier fee. 

Q. Can you mark my package as a gift to avoid customs fees?

A: Unfortunately, I can't. It's illegal and I can get in trouble. 

Q. Do you do custom orders? 

A: Yes! Please email me at or use my contact page with your idea.

I have limitations though. Please don't contact me for other fandom jewelry you can find easily on Amazon, Etsy or eBay. Nothing that has already been commercialized. Don't ask me to copy somebody else's work. 

Q. I bought a piece? how should I clean it?

A: Please see this page. If you have a particular issue not covered, please email me.

Q. I bought a ring and it's turning my skin green/black. Is it bad quality?

A: The copper content in Sterling silver and Bronze CAN turn your skin green, or turn the piece green, or tarnish it. It all depends on skin chemistry and where you live. The more humid weather the more the piece will need maintenance. It does not mean the piece is bad quality. it’s the nature of the metal alloy. 
To protect your skin if it gets black or green, you can always put a thin layer of lacquer or clear nail polish. It will wear off with use but then you repeat the process. 

Q. I made a mistake with my ring size. Can I return/exchange?

A: yes, we can all make mistakes, specially if buying online. Please see this page for details

Q. I don't like what I bought, can I return for a refund?

A: Sorry you had a change of heart. It's ok. Sometimes when we have a piece in person it's not the same. Please follow these instruction for return