Taking care of your jewelry

As a general rule for all jewelry, avoid abrasives and bleached (pool) and sea water. Regular water and mild soap is ok.

Sterling Silver

Sterling silver is an alloy that contains a 7.25% of copper. Copper tarnishes and oxidizes which in occasion is nice but some people don’t like it. 
To solve this issue, use a cleaning solution found in jewelry supply stores or drugstores. Follow directions.
There are good polishing cloths that will do the trick too. Those are specially good to highlight parts when the piece has an oxidized finish.

The copper content in these metals CAN turn your skin green, or turn the piece green, or tarnish it. It all depends on skin chemistry and where you live. The more humid weather the more the piece will need maintenance. It does not mean the piece is bad quality. it’s the nature of the metal alloy. 
To protect your skin if it gets black or green, you can always put a thin layer of lacquer or clear nail polish. It will wear off with use but then you repeat the process. 
When not in use, best storage is airtight. Zip-lock bag type and or use a tarnish inhibitor product. 


The anti-tarnish feature of pewter makes it an ideal metal for jewelry because it take little maintenance to keep it looking beautiful. It will not rust or change color. 
Just be sure to be gentle with is since it is a soft alloy. 
Use warm water and soap to clean and a soft polishing cloth to bring back the shine if it gets dull. 


Leather items must be kept out of water as possible. Occasional moisture is ok, but do not submerge or shower with leather item to enjoy its beauty longer. 

For any aditional concerns please don't hesitate to contact us