Isabelle's Charm Bracelet

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"I've got plenty." Isabelle smiled, kicking her feet up so that her anklets jingled like Christmas bells. "These, for instance. The left one is gold, which is poisonous to demons, and the right one is blessed iron, in case I run across any unfriendly vampires or even faeries-faeries hate iron. They both have strength runes carved into them, so I can pack a hell of a kick." - City of Bones

Sterling silver Rune charm bracelet. 

Choose 5 Runes to add to 8" length bracelet. Adjustable, since you can hook the clasp to any link. Please let me know your choice of Runes at checkout. 
Note: Combined Runes count as 2. Please keep in mind that while I try as best to round sharp edges in rune designs, some might be more sharp/tangly than others. 

You can find a Shadowhunter Rune Directory here.
Please note: Very complex Runes will have a 20% surcharge invoiced (e.g.: Wedded Union, Fortune,Quietude, etc)

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