Tutorial or project kits?

 I have a project that I have been considering for a long time and would like to get your opinion on it. 

Since I am always getting questions on how I make pieces or how I got into metalsmithing, I am considering making simple tutorials for small projects for jewelry/accessories. Would you be interested?

I've gone through a long list of techniques and methods, so maybe I can share some of my knowledge with you. 

My idea is to begin with simple pieces so you don't require an extensive list of materials or tools. 

It could be low cost tutorials with suggested list of materials to purchase or a kit I put together and ship to you so you don't have to do anything but get hands on! 

Drop me a line in the comments below with your interest. What would you like to learn? what kind of piece or technique you've been dying to know how to do?

Let me know!! 

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Yes ma’am! If you put a kit together with all of the materials I needed to make ANYTHING having to do with Shadowhunters I would buy them all! Thank you again for doing what you do and looking for new ways to enrich the lives of others <3


I trink ist’s a great idea. You inspired me to start jewelry crafting myself, so i world love to learn more. The idea of kits Sounds intriguing and i think a lot of people would try it


Yes! I would love that! Learning to make some of your stuff would be very enlightening!


That’s a great idea! I would love to learn about it


I think kits would be a great idea! I think it would be cool to learn to make rings or necklace pendants, since that’s what I wear the most.


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