Sign up for Steles

Sign up for Steles

Steles are outsourced to the casting house that makes all pewter pieces and they need a minimum production run. 

Please leave your comment below with what kind of stele you'd like to get so I can count the interest. 
Pen or Prop (no function) $36
Stylus $39

I need serious commitment please. I appreciate your support with these project and I would love nothing more than having ALL the pieces available ALL the time, but unfortunately I can't just have stock for months on end. 

If the minimum order amount is reached I will contact you with a link to preorder/purchase. 

thanks again for your collaboration! 

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Both , Pen or Prop (no function) $36
Stylus $39

Sal aziz

I’d love a stylus!




I’d like a prop one please!

Valerie Worley

I’d really love to get a stylus

Beatrice Bauer

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