September is for Sapphires

Did you know September's birthstone is Sapphire?

I did a little interwebs research to find out the most important tidbits about the stone. I was born in September, but I had a love for Sapphires even before I found out it was my birthstone. Even before I could afford one! 😂

The name Sapphire derives from the Latin "saphirus" and the Greek "sapheiros", both mean blue.

Originally Sapphire is a Corundum and it is naturally colorless, but trace amounts of elements like iron, titanium, and chromium lead to the range of colors. Outside of red corundum (Rubies), all other corundum gems are considered Sapphires.

Of all the gemstones, Diamond is the hardest with a Mohs rating of 10. Sapphires (Mohs 9) and Rubies (Mohs 9) come in second, so that's why they're are so popular in rings. We bang up our jewelry pretty bad.

Some Sapphires have  a “star effect” that are whitish rays that show up in the right lighting on top of stone so Star sapphires are highly sought after and prized by collectors. You might remember Rhys's ring that used to make some years ago. 

This gemstone is usually associated with royalty, It is said to attract abundance, blessings, and gifts. Protects against negative energies, calm the mind, strengthen intuition, and invite spiritual clarity. If you believe like I do that stones have energy within them, it's not for nothing that they are often used for talismans.

One of the most famous sapphire engagement rings belonged to the late Princess Diana. Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, the wife of Princess Diana's eldest son, Prince William now wears the ring. This will sure be an heirloom for generations to come. 

If you are in the HD inner circle, you may have received an email some weeks ago with an offer of available stones for customs. I do still have these beautiful Madagascan Rose Cut Sapphires.  Let me know if you are interested! 

The featured ring is this post sold out, but I can reproduce it. 

Madagascan rose cut sapphires

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