June is also for Moonstone!

June is also for Moonstone!

June is also for Moonstone!

If you are a June baby, you are very lucky as in the month of June, there are not just one, but two mesmerizing gems associated with it. We have already explored the timeless elegance of pearls as June's first birthstone. Now, let's embark on a journey to discover the second birthstone of June: the mystical moonstone. Known for its ethereal beauty and celestial charm, moonstone has captured hearts throughout history. Join us as we delve into the captivating world of moonstone, its origins, symbolism, and the magic it holds for those born in June.

Moonstone charm

Origins and History: Moonstone owes its name to the captivating sheen it possesses, reminiscent of the soft glow of the moon. Ancient civilizations like the Romans and Greeks believed that moonstone was formed from solidified moonbeams. In India, it was considered a sacred gem associated with moon deities. Moonstone has adorned jewelry, crowns, and talismans, cherished for centuries.

Bella Moonstone Ring

Appearance and Varieties: Moonstone belongs to the feldspar mineral group and displays a fascinating play-of-color, known as adularescence. This optical effect gives the gem a mystical shimmer, reflecting light in an enchanting manner. While moonstone is typically colorless or white, it can also be found in captivating shades of blue, peach, gray, and even display a stunning rainbow effect. The highly coveted blue moonstone, exhibiting a delicate blue sheen, is particularly sought after.

moonstone and wolf talisman

Symbolism and Significance: Moonstone carries profound symbolism tied to its name and appearance. It is often associated with feminine energy, intuition, and emotional balance. This gem is believed to enhance creativity, inspire inner harmony, and unlock one's intuitive abilities. Additionally, moonstone has long been regarded as a protective talisman for travelers, especially during nighttime journeys.

Moon and moonstone necklace

Legends and Lore: Moonstone is steeped in captivating folklore and legends. In Hindu mythology, it was believed to be formed from moonlight and possessed the power to bring good fortune and love to its wearer. Ancient Romans associated moonstone with romance and passion, believing it could awaken feelings of love and desire in those who possessed it.

moonstone and bronze earrings

Healing and Metaphysical Properties: Moonstone is renowned for its healing properties and finds application in alternative healing practices. It is believed to promote emotional balance, tranquility, and heightened intuition. Moonstone is often associated with the crown chakra, representing spiritual connection and enlightenment, fostering a receptive mind and facilitating personal growth.

Moonstone and wolf talisman

As we conclude our exploration of moonstone as June's second birthstone, we hope you have gained a deeper appreciation for this enchanting gem. Whether you're captivated by its dreamy appearance, its spiritual significance, or its fascinating history, moonstone continues to inspire awe. Embrace the magical essence of moonstone and celebrate your birth month with its celestial charm, allowing it to illuminate your path and infuse your life with its mesmerizing magic.

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