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July is for Rubies

Welcome to another exciting edition of the monthly birthstone blog series, where we dive deep into the captivating world of gemstones. This time, I'm thrilled to showcase the mesmerizing beauty of rubies, the birthstone for the month of July. 

When it comes to gemstones, rubies hold a special place in the hearts of many jewelry aficionados. Known as the "King of Gems," rubies have an undeniable appeal that has captivated people throughout history. Their intense red color symbolizes passion, love, and vitality, making them an ideal choice for those born in July or anyone seeking a striking piece of jewelry.

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Rubies have a rich and storied history dating back thousands of years. In ancient times, they were considered a talisman of protection, believed to ward off evil spirits and bestow good fortune upon the wearer. Legends and folklore surrounding rubies have been passed down through generations, lending an air of mystery and intrigue to these exquisite gemstones.

Rubies owe their remarkable beauty to the presence of chromium, which gives them their iconic fiery red hue. Ranging from deep crimson to vibrant pinkish-red, the color intensity is a key factor in determining the value of a ruby. The most sought-after rubies possess a vivid red hue, often referred to as "pigeon blood" red.

Rubies and sapphires are both corundum minerals, but rubies are known for their intense red color, while sapphires encompass all other colors. The distinction is based on historical and cultural factors, with rubies being highly valued and rare. Rubies get their red color from chromium, while sapphires come in various colors due to different trace elements. Sometimes the line between them can blur, but generally, rubies are red and sapphires are everything else.

tiny flower necklace, sapphire and ruby

In addition to color, the clarity of a ruby is equally important. While some rubies may contain natural inclusions, high-quality stones have excellent transparency and minimal imperfections, allowing their fiery brilliance to shine through. Artisans skillfully cut and shape rubies to enhance their natural beauty, creating stunning pieces of jewelry that are sure to make a statement.

Beyond their aesthetic appeal, rubies carry a multitude of symbolic meanings. Associated with passion and love, they are often considered a perfect gift for anniversaries, birthdays, or special milestones. Rubies are also believed to promote vitality, courage, and confidence, making them an ideal gemstone for those seeking to embrace their inner strength and ignite their passions.

I hope you've enjoyed this vibrant journey into the world of July's birthstone. Rubies, with their fiery elegance and profound symbolism, continue to fascinate and captivate jewelry lovers around the globe. Whether you're adorning yourself or surprising a loved one, let the allure of rubies ignite your passion and infuse your life with their extraordinary charm. Stay tuned for our next birthstone blog, where we'll embark on another sparkling adventure through the realm of gemstones!

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