Garnets are for January

Garnets are for January

Never too late in the month to talk a little about January's birthstone, Garnets!

January's birthstone come in almost every color, blue is very rare and red is the most common color, so most likely why you think red when you hear Garnet. 

Garnet is comes from the Middle English word, ‘gernet,’ that means dark red and from the Latin word ‘granatum,’ meaning seed. Likely is why it is reflective of the red seeds in a pomegranate.

Every gemstone has its lore. In this case Garnet is a symbol of peace, health, and friendship. Garnet also enhances karma. Do good while wearing the stone and more good will come to you. Red garnets enhance the Root Chakra so it help with grounding and protection. Garnets were very popular since Egyptian times.

Later, during Victorian era, Garnets were very appreciated. Bohemian garnets from Eastern Europe were made into beautiful cluster pieces. Garnets were used in engagement rings, mourning jewelry and anywhere they could fit it. 

January's birthstone is not only pretty but very resourceful. Low grade Garnets that are not fit for gemstones, are used as an abrasive. When mixed with water, its cuts through material with ease in methods like sandblasting. 

For all Garnet fans, I have a quite a few pieces where you can wear this beautiful stone:

Victorian ring

Beaded Wire Ring. Also available, matching necklace an earrings

6mm Stacker Rings also available in 5 and 4 mm 

If you have a particular pieces in mind where you would like me to set a Garnet, please let me know! I am one email away. 

 If you'd like to learn more interesting facts about garnets, visit the GIA page

Leave a comment if you are a fan or know more interesting facts about garnets! I would like to hear. 

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