Shadowhunter Children's Rhyme - Quote bracelet

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Handmade tag bracelet. Silk ribbon wraps and ties around. 
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"Black for hunting through the night

For death and mourning the color’s white

Gold for a bride in her wedding gown

And red to call enchantment down.

White silk when our bodies burn,

Blue banners when the lost return.

Flame for the birth of a Nephilim,

And to wash away our sins.

Gray for knowledge best untold,

Bone for those who don’t grow old.

Saffron lights the victory march,

Green will mend our broken hearts.

Silver for the demon towers,

And bronze to summon wicked powers."

— Shadowhunter children’s rhyme

Plaque measures 2" x 3/4" (5 cm x 2 cm) on a 36" (91 cm ) ribbon. ONE size

LAST picture shows ribbon colors 

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