Etheralki Leather Bracelet

$ 15.00


Leather cuff based on the colors of the 2st army uniforms.

The Grisha are the magical elite of Ravka, also known as the soldiers of the Second Army. They practice the Small Science: they manipulate matter at its most fundamental levels. I like to think of it as a magical version of molecular chemistry. Status is everything to the Grisha. 

2nd Order - Etherealki
The Order of Summoners

* Squallers (Blue- Silver accent)
* Inferni (Blue- Red accent)
* Tidemakers (Blue- Light Blue accent)

Grisha cannot create or animate matter. Inferni don't "magically" create fire. They summon combustible gases like methane or hydrogen, but still need a flint to start a spark. Squallers can raise or lower air pressure to create storms, while Tidemakers use temperature and pressure to summon and control water. Etherealki frequently work in pairs. Both the Darkling and Alina are technically considered Etherealki. 

Measures 3/4" wide (1.9 cm)

Available to ship in 5-7 business days

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