Characters Eyes Stacker Ring

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Sold individually, gem stone in Sterling silver setting.

Jace, James - Citrine or Baltic Amber (gold) 
Clary, Camille, Gabriel, Matthew- Malaquite (green) 
SimonMaya, Jessamine, Emma- Tiger Eye (brown)
Isabelle - Hematite (Charcoal)
Alec, Will, Cecily, Kit- Lapis Lazuli (blue)
Charlotte, Cristina, Diego, Jaime- Jasper (dark brown)
- Green Turquoise (green-yellow)
Sebastian, Cordelia - Onix (black)
Tessa - Denim Lapis (grey-light blue)
Jem - Grey Moonstone (silver)
Julian (all Blackthorns) - Turquoise (blue-green)

American ring size. 
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Made to order. Available to ship in 5-7 business days