Characters Charm

$ 18.00


If you are not a fan of big pieces you can get these mini charms to wear on bracelets or small necklaces. Priced individually

- Jem's Violin (Sterling silver)
- Will's Dragon (bronze)
- Clockwork Angel (bronze)
- Nephilim Wing (Sterling silver)
- Magnus pentagram  (Sterling silver, Swarovski crystal)
- Jem Jade's pendant (jade, bronze)
- Isabelle Ruby Necklace (Sterling silver, Swarovski crystal)
- Alec, bow & Lightwood flaming arrow (Sterling silver, brass, enamel)

Choose from jump ring or Pandora style bead findings. Pandora stlye beads fit any brand. Bracelets available in the the Chains and Bracelets section. Last picture shows the bronze version. 

Available to ship in 5-7 business days

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