The Story Behind...

The Jewelry 
There is magic in jewelry, we choose to wear what represents us but also what reminds us of what we love and what makes us feel more confident and ready to face the world. Out of fantasy worlds of wonderful authors, comes wearable artisan jewelry pieces. Each work is born out of Viviane’s creative visions of books she loves and transformed into wearable art that makes imagination come alive. The jewelry is produced by Viviane in her studio and local vendors, in Los Angeles, CA, using recycled metals whenever possible. 

Viviane’s background is in integral design. Being in love with 3D art and design, jewelry and silversmithing turned out to be the perfect combination of concept and development.
Creating jewelry inspired by books gave her the concept behind the art, and the creative impulse to transform her imaginings into functional, artistic, wearable designs. But, when she is not reading or daydreaming, she also makes jewelry inspired by everyday life for the everyday wear. 
Her fascination with 
packaging design also inspired her to be a little bold with it and think outside the box, into the tin. You'll find no other pieces packaged with such grace.  

The Collections 
You can find pieces inspired by authors she enjoys. If you haven't read the series, please do and come back to see the jewelry with other eyes. You will be inspired too. There are also many pieces inspired by common legends and fantastical creatures matched with the healing powers of semi precious stones. 

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