The Story Behind...

the story behind Hebel DesignLet me tell you the story behind Hebel Design. It began many years ago. (I am not saying I am old 😉, I was really a child). I won’t tell you I was born designing jewelry or that I was passionate about jewelry as a kid. 

What I was really passionate about, is creating and designing with a purpose. 

I’ve been drawing, painting and playing with clay since I can remember. If there is a craft out there, you can better believe I have tried it at least once. Try me! Ask me. I can hardly stay still and not be doing something with my hands, so it was a surprise to no one that I went to school for design. Why not art school you ask? Well, the answer is simple. I LOVE functional art, so I always aimed to marry art to function because it gives it intention.

Before jumping into jewelry design and fabrication, I made lamps, mirrors, websites, client presentations, labels, etc. It wasn’t until a friend of mine showed me a necklace she wanted but couldn’t afford, when I said…I can do something like that and began beading and assembling accessories with bought components. I later hit a wall and realized I had limitations to what I wanted to make so I took metalsmithing workshops and Hebel Design was born 18 years ago. I fell in love with the malleability of metal, the beauty of stones and their combination. Formal training in integral design and a passion for 3D art provided the perfect foundation for becoming a jewelry designer.

There is a magical essence in the jewelry we choose to wear. Each piece uniquely represents us and reminds us of what we love. These are not simple adornments; we make a connection with them. We treasure our talismans. We hope that they become heirlooms for our future generations. 

My ultimate goal is this: you wake up and think: "I really want to wear this (insert jewelry piece)" and then you style around it. 

I work from my home studio in Southern California and I proudly take care of every aspect of Hebel Design. From the customer service to the fabrication, packaging and shipping.  When you purchase from the store you are supporting a very small, independent artist.   

My fascination with packaging also inspired me to be a little bold and think outside of the box — literally. Each piece of jewelry ships in a tin can, ready for gifting and perfect for storage. It has become a kind of signature statement that you will come to recognize.

A professor of mine once said, “Packaging is design for the disposable; you have about three seconds to make an impact on your customers so they are convinced they want the product inside.” I aim to not only make a good impression with my tins, but also want you to desire to keep them! I like to think they provide a greener solution. We are, after all, the generation of the recycled and upcycled. 

If you are looking for that special piece of jewelry that it’s just right for you, let me know. Let’s work together on something that will have your name all over it. 










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