Unique Electroformed Necklaces

$ 23.00 $ 32.00


Natural stones set in copper in a process called electroformed, where copper particles are attached to the piece.
Please see descriptions for all necklaces on list. Menu items correspond to numbers listed
All necklaces have a 24" copper antique plated chain, unless noted.

  1. Quartz arrowhead
  2. Jasper cabochon
  3. Coin fresh water pearl
  4. Raw Amethyst crystal
  5. Quartz point
  6. Faceted amethyst crystal
  7. Raw amethyst crystal
  8. (not sure what kind of stone. Probably Jasper, has nice light green lines)
  9. Sea sediment Jasper
  10. Flintstone arrowhead
  11. Quartz crystal point
  12. Raw Amethyst
  13. Pewter bear claw reproduction
  14. Mandala (metal core)
  15. natural twig - 16" solid copper chain
  16. Obsidian arrowhead and raw amethyst nugget on copper base


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