The Mendoza Rosales Family Ring

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Every Shadowhunter family has a symbol, and the symbols are often worn on family rings.
The symbol of The Mendoza's is a mountain range, and The Rosales' is a rosebush. Following hispanic tradition, both parents' last names are used. Father's, then Mother's

However, in Shadowhunter culture, when they’re talking to people who only use one last name, they’ll use the most historically significant last name to define themselves. Instead of being “Cristina Mendoza”, Cristina will be “Cristina Rosales” because Rosales is an older and more honored Shadowhunter name. It’s a Shadowhunter-specific thing. This does get talked about in QuAD. But keep in mind Cristina is really Cristina Mendoza Rosales, unless she’s dealing with people who culturally only “get” one last name.'

You can have yours customized to show Mendoza or Rosales on the outside.

Sterling silver, distressed oxidized finish.

Have in mind that when ordering a thick band ring you need to add about 1/2 size to your regular ring size.  

American ring size. 
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