Cordelia's Globe Necklace

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Cordelia's Globe Necklace as seen on Chain of Iron

“She did, revealing, nestled on a bed of more dark velvet, a glimmering gold pendant on a chain. She drew it out of the box, exclaiming as she realized what it was—a small, round globe, the faint outline of seas and continents etched onto its surface.
“We have talked so much of travel,” James said. “I wanted to give you the world.” ~ Chain of Iron. 

  • Hand fabricated globe locket
  • This locket was forged from a vintage European hand-carved die. You might as well be getting an original model as described in the book! 
  • Measures almost 3/4" (18mm)  -
  • 16" - 18" (40cm - 45cm) gold plated chain or Sterling Silver for the Silver version

***A lot of people have asked me if this means the necklace in Chain of Thorns opens, but I really don't know! We will see when CoT comes out! 

Cordelia's Globe necklace is made to order. Available to ship in 5-7 business days