Collection: Bonded - beadwork and metal

Bonded - beadwork and metal combinartioon  that result in a modern, boho-chick, minimalist style to wear on a night on the town or on your everyday activities. 

The collection is so versatile when you combine shapes and colors, that it can be as bold or tame as you like! 

Inspired by the bonds that need restoration and healing, a homage to the Japanese Kintsugi technique that repairs what's boken to make it stronger and more beautiful. Bad moments you can replace with good ones so you can build your own (yellow or not) brick road. Not one perfect unit but little parts gripped to each other represented in the beadwork pattern . Strong enough to hold on to the pillar that supports them.

Customers have mentioned these to be a stress reliever, to play with the beads that spin, making it a nice tecture to play with