Subscription Box update February 03, 2017 10:18


you can now checkout with Credit/Debit card on the regular product page, or there is a link there to checkout though PayPal. 

I'd like to clear some concerns about the box. 

I had some technical issues setting up the right shipping fee for it so I figured if I added the shipping charge to the box it would avoid the issues but I had many people comment on how they weren't being charged for shipping. 

Then I was thinking I don't really need the actual box to ship Priority since the box contents will be mostly small and lightweight. SO, I decided to make all contents for international and domestic orders the same, and they WILL ship in a cut box, just not the priority box so everybody can choose they're own shipping method. 

Also, want to remind everyone, that this is a very new experience for me and we will try to see the glitches of the system along the way and learn from mistakes if we make them. Your support and patience in this is truly appreciated. 

Orders are coming in and we are as exited as you to see how this develops! 

EVERYTHING in this box is exclusive content for subscribers for the moment, so pieces wont be available in the store.

In case you missed it, first box theme for the month of March is Grishaverse and it can include pieces from Grisha trilogy or Six of Crows, what will it be? we can only assure magic and mayhem!