Subscription Box January 13, 2017 10:57 26 Comments

Hi everybody! As the new year sets in we're going through some changes in the store. 

One of things we're considering is making a monthly box of exclusive charm size pieces, with some extra surprise each time. 

Would you be interested? 

What would you like to see in it? We are considering our own collections and mostly fantasy-geeky universes. 

**Price $20+ 5 shipping on domestic subscription. 

**2-3 pieces per box. 

We could eventually keep the $13.50 on international orders if we consider a different packaging so mainly you would not receive a fancy box, rather a regular mailer but still same content as domestic.  

Please take time to leave a comment below with your thoughts. It would be greatly appreciated as we would ensure we deliver something you'll be exited to receive.