May's Mystical Gemstone: Emerald Dreams and Your Design Desires

May's Mystical Gemstone: Emerald Dreams and Your Design Desires

Emerald, the vibrant green gem of May, has captivated hearts for centuries. Its mesmerizing color symbolizes growth, renewal, and the lush beauty of spring. Did you know emeralds were once believed to enhance eyesight and grant the power of prophecy? 🔮

🟢 Emerald Extremes: Emeralds hold the record for both the oldest and some of the rarest gemstones! The oldest known emeralds are a whopping 2.97 billion years old, predating even the dinosaurs. On the other hand, some flawless emeralds can be even rarer and more valuable than diamonds!Cleopatra's

💚 Emerald Obsession: This legendary Egyptian queen wasn't just known for her beauty and power; she was also a huge emerald enthusiast. Historical accounts suggest she adorned herself with emeralds and even had them carved into important artifacts.


But enough about history... let's talk about YOU!

I'm currently brewing up some exciting new designs, and as usual, I want to put YOU at the heart of the creative process. I've been sharing monthly birthstone stories, and your feedback has been invaluable. Now, it's time to take things a step further.

I'm thirsty for your design dreams!

  • Are you drawn to dazzling emerald pieces or something subtler?
  • Do you have a favorite gemstone (besides emerald!) you'd love to see featured?
  • What themes or styles resonate with you right now? Nature? Mythology? Modern minimalism?

The more details, the better! Let your creative spirit flow and share your dream pieces in the comments below.

Remember, as a thank you for your participation, I'll be offering a special discount to those who contribute their ideas.

So, what are you waiting for? Unleash your inner designer and help me craft designs as unique and beautiful as you are!

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1) I love emeralds and any gemstones that have a rich color in them.
2) my favorite color is purple so any gemstones that are purple are my favorites but I’ve been on the look out for gemstones not in my collection. Larimar is a gemstone I particularly love because it looks like the ocean.
3) I LOVE anything that has to do with nature and mythology. Fairies, elves, mermaids, witches, rainstorms, snow, lightning and thunder are all themes I love and appreciate in jewelry. Even the more obscure themes of nature I like. Even if the reference to these things are subtle in pieces, I love the inclusion and attention to detail.


I am personally always a fan of delicate, fragile looking pieces! I love anything wing themed or branch/twig themed as well. I’m really into rubies right now- maybe some kind of floral piece with rubies at the center? I’m not super super familiar with all the gemstones, but something yellow/golden and floral would be neat too!!!

Olivia Brown

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