I am moving 🚚

In an unexpected plot twist, I am moving.
I mean, we were playing with the idea of moving for a long time but the way it all unfolded out so fast is the unexpected part.
We are notorious poor planners. Sometimes that turns into the most fun adventures and sometimes not so much, not this time at least.
My next location will not be ready for some time so I won't be able to work as much during the moving process. I will have limited capacity since I am only taking a few tools with me. My temporary place might be mobile!
Website will remain open but as I mentioned, I may not be able to work on your piece right away. If you have a deadline, please contact me before placing your order.
I am very grateful in advance for your patience! Moving is extra hard when you have a lot of equipment and supplies to pack and unpack
As un upside, would you like some live sales on Instagram for in-stock pieces to help with relocation costs? Let me know!

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