Tessa's Clockwork Angel

Steampunk representation of the Clockwork Angel. Handmade from bronze, copper and actual clock gears. 

Measures 2-1/4" x 1-1/4" (60 mm x 40 mm)


Taking care of the Angel:

Bronze tarnishes naturally and it will give the pendant and aged look. To bring back the highlights you can use a polishing cloth. The Sunshine brand are really good. You need the kind the has some mild abrasive in it. Your local jewelry store might carry some too. 
You could also use a brass polishing compound from the hardware store over a cloth then use and old toothbrush with dish soap and warm water to get rid of the excess and grime it might collect over time too. Then pat dry with paper towel. 


Tessa's Clockwork Angel Pendant

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